automate workflows with a customizable lab information system ignite LIS
» Rapid Deployment

Get up and running your lab business quickly with our secured HIPPA ready cloud server deployment process. Unlike other LIS or LIMS solutions, igniteLIS can be deployed and ready to use in days, not months.

» Latest And Fastest LIS System Architecture

igniteLIS leads the lab software market with the latest cloud-based software architecture. We ensure patient data & sample privacy using individual authentication for user-role based access control. Secure transmission over the web is assured using 256-bit AES encryption thru an SSL certificate from a trusted certification authority (CA), database server encryption and single DB IP entry that keeps the DB server not exposed to the net. Access and changes to data and igniteLIS are logged to a dedicated logging server, and logs are maintained per HIPPA rules.

  • igniteLIS clia hippa - Molecular LIS - PCR LISWeb-Based
  • Cloud Repository for all data
  • HIPPA compliant environment
  • CLIA compliant
  • Separate Encrypted Database Server
  • Separate Logging Server
  • Secure Data In Motion and At Rest
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
» Paperless Requisitions

Physicians, staff and lab collectors can conveniently place web-based test orders in igniteLIS, eliminating printed paper req waste and multiple transcription errors. Real-time submission and Form validation ensure requisitions are free of errors and contain complete billing information including photo ID and Insurance cards, additional supporting materials and complete clinical and testing requirements to reduce turnaround time and needless hunting for information.

  • Client Demographics Memorization for speed of entry
  • Photos of Insurance card and client ID
  • Uploading of other beneficial data
  • Patient and Doctor Signatures
  • Requisition Correction Tracking

All the required requisition information is stored with the requisition, including  uploaded scanned documents, and photos of insurance cards and ID.
The requisitions can be edited to include any corrections or missing information, upload any other documents to ensure all required details are included.

» Comprehensive Report Delivery

The final reports go through an approval process before being delivered to the client, here the type of report can be picked as well Preliminary, Final or Amended Reports.
Result reports are delivered through the Client Portal (online) in PDF and can be delivered by fax or interfaces as well as thru the clinet portal, ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction. Additionally, report delivery to clients EHR or EMR is possible through native igniteLIS API interfacing or vendor chosen interface development.

» Laboratory Management

Our laboratory management dashboard and real-time snapshot reports help you monitor lab or clinic turnaround times, testing volumes, inbound specimens, collected specimens and other key analytics that allow you to make timely and informed decisions. The igniteLIS dashboard also features Performance Improvement and Outcomes Management reports by clinic and by drug class over a 12 month period, as some states require of your clinics, thus allowing you to become an indispensable part of their business. Other reporting and emailing capabilities of the system allow for even more granular control of the flow.

automate workflows with a customizable lab information management system
» Sample Receiving & Accessioning

igniteLIS automatically generates labels based on preset rules, date and time stamps received specimens, and reduces the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks needed per accession, improving data and tracking accuracy. With built-in audible alerts and automatic anti duplicate accession numbering the LIS will be able to optimize your specimen receiving and recording. The accessioning after receiving is just one button click away.

  • Color-coded time-sensitive Priority List
  • Automated Sample Storage
  • Sample Chain of Custody
  • Shipping box and vendor recording
  • Sample recording and entering into lab flow
» Custom E-Requisition Templates

A custom requisition template is provided for each testing type, with your logo, laboratory information, chosen drugs and features, as well as testing panels. Available online, these e-requisitions offer client demographics and previous testing pre-fill for speed of entry, as well as a patient search. Additionally, the e-requisition can save photos of the ID card (front/back) and of the Insurance card (front/back), reducing data entry errors to save billing time, and eliminating the need to hunt for patient information.

*igniteLIS unique feature
» Standing Orders for Nursing Homes

In our tailor-made requisition template designed for labs servicing Nursing Homes, igniteLIS offers the Standing Orders feature. This allows your clients to easily create and manage recurring orders for their patients, alongside a dedicated module for collectors or phlebotomists, and specialized functionalities for patient order address entry that speed creation of lab requisitions.

*igniteLIS unique feature
» Patient Address Autocomplete

Real-time address data verification and input not only streamline the capture and cleansing of accurate address information but also ensure the integrity of your lab’s database. This enhancement significantly accelerates the entry of precise addresses in requisitions, thereby boosting the efficiency of your lab billing procedures.

» Configurable Tests

Let your scientists program the LIS testing menu and panels with ease, including setting up of formula-based results. Select if you want to offer reflex tests or choose if to show a number or just the pos/neg on each test.

» Test Management

igniteLIS’s comprehensive laboratory and provider management enables testing and diagnostic laboratories to design, record, and track quantitative and qualitative tests. The test results are flagged to report values falling outside the normal range set in the product per rules and calculations easily set up by the lab.

» Custom Report Templates

igniteLIS generates well-organized and intuitive test reports for all testing types. Includes 2 traditional report styles plus igniteLIS’s own one-page report* with history for Toxicology. This will allow specific requested reporting type for each individual medical practice, giving you an edge over the competition. Reports for other testing types are also provided and at any point, we can easily customize or add report types for your chosen testing model.

*igniteLIS unique feature
» Automatic Levey-Jennings Charts

Say goodbye to bulky, paper-based QC folders. igniteLIS provides easy QC management with configurable QC rules, automatic Levee-Jennings charts, modifiable QC points with comments, user-defined lots and expirations.

  • Automatic Levey-Jennings Charts per instrument
  • Automatic Levey-Jennings Tables
  • Levey-Jennings Point Editing and Comments for compliance
  • Configurable Validation Checks
» Provider Portal

igniteLIS Provider Portal is a secure, HIPAA compliant, web-based tool offering higher client satisfaction and transparency for this vital part of your laboratory. The portal represents your company with personalized branding and specially designed charts and reports to ensure your web appearance is modern and professional. igniteLIS Provider Portal allows providers to place test orders directly into igniteLIS electronic req and retrieve results the minute they are available in their chosen format. They can also pull up a patients chart showing all testing performed, or a comparison testing screen showing the trends and charts created by the data from multiple testings – thus helping the physician make an informed decision on the patient care and needed follow up testing.

Physicians’ offices can create new requisitions on a shared instance with the lab, allowing for immediate review and the ability to edit in order to add missing information, upload missed documents, and take photos of patient ID and insurance card.

Physicians can set up to 3 custom and personal profiles for toxicology, based on risk assessment for speed of ordering. From Low Risk to Medium Risk and High Risk, each provider can choose their own set of tests for each risk type, or manually select the appropriate individual tests for their patients.

Physicians or clinic managers have access to clinic statistics reports in real time . Test orders can be signed electronically from a desktop, laptop, tablet or SmartPhone, and physicians signatures can be store to ease the process. Our LIS provides a platform to order collection and shipping supplies for the clinic, collector or sales team member with minimal effort from inside the LIS.

*igniteLIS unique feature
igniteLIS - toxicology LIS showing Clinic Statistics
» Sales Portal

The igniteLIS Sales Portal allows laboratory sales teams to engage with providers and sell effectively and in one easily accessible location. A Marketing Representative logging into the sales portal will have instant access to physician data, online signup forms, collector signup and training forms, sales reporting, clinic statistics and more. For a distributor or a Sales Team Leader, the dashboard will also allow access to lab turnaround times for their clinics, sales channel tree, visibility into the group performance, real-time analytics of the group based on your login role and specimen audit for the group. The Portal can even calculate, on a salesperson basis, the payment per sample according to your rules. This prevents your lab from losing money by making payments for non or low reimbursed testing.This integrated LIS sales tool will also increase the transparency of the lab to the sales team, facilitating Marketing Representative satisfaction and longevity.

ignite LIS - Molecular LIS, PCR LIS, Toxicology LIS
» Multi-Lab Support With Rules

Able to support multiple primary labs with a centralized core and through rules control a host of reference labs.

*igniteLIS unique feature
» Multi-Reference Labs Support With Rules

Able to support multiple reference labs and manually or automatically reference samples based on preset rules. You can specify Insurance type, specimen type, location of provider and exclusions.

  • Automatic reference lab fee calculation eliminating errors and disputes
  • Automatic rule application
*igniteLIS unique feature
» Integrated Billing

The rules set for Commercial or Medicare-based insurances will allow faster medical coding and can provide automatic submission to your billing clearinghouse, saving time, improving cash flow, saving the number of billers needed and reducing manual data entry errors that result in non-payment. We provide BILLING CLEARINGHOUSE INTEGRATION to Abilify and also to a variety of other clearinghouses on a per-client basis.

  • Billing Clearinghouse Interfacing
  • Billing Alerts
  • Optimized Billing Flow for speed and workload reduction
  • Customizable Medical Coding • Automated Medical Coding
  • Access to Result and Req PDFs
  • Insurance Mix Tables
  • Customizable Insurance Information tables
» Supplies Order Fulfillment

igniteLIS integrated Fulfillment Module allows shipping specialists to make informed decisions regarding the free distribution of supplies to collectors and providers, significantly reducing the operational costs related to collection supplies and shipping. Collection supplies costs are not insignificant, and can quickly add up, especially since clinics and providers at times order them in larger quantities than they ever return with samples. The order fulfillment module tracks each provider’s sample return history and their paperwork status, allowing your lab to better estimate the appropriate quantity of supplies to ship.

*igniteLIS unique feature
ignite LIS - Molecular LIS, PCR LIS, Toxicology LIS
» Lab API Interface

igniteLIS’s API is based on a documented REST interface, which allows integration via standard HTTP requests providing the highest flexibility to clients. This provides rapid interfacing to a host of services and provider platforms.

If you really believe in total accessibility, note that through igniteLIS’s RESTful API interface – Providers are able to move results and requisition data to their EMR, EHR or homebred system. The provision of the API is simple and a scalable cloud ensures high availability and responsiveness. igniteLIS RESTful API is also an integration tool that enables you to extend the LIS to interface and integrate with other in-lab systems, and automate or customize as necessary.

Below are a few examples of how our customers have used our platform to streamline their process:

  • Integration of test requisition entry and tracking from EMR or EHR
  • Integrating patient data from EMR or EHR systems
  • Pushing Results discrete data or PDF’s to EMR or EHR systems
  • Automation of new lab robotics and instruments
  • Integrating to billing and ERP systems
» Additional Features
  • Laboratory Website
  • Web Based
  • Cloud Repository For All Data
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Document Management
  • Multiple Data Entry Options
  • Custom Data Entry Screens
  • Short Form Data Entry
  • Robotics Integration
  • Rule-Based Sample Storage
  • Point-of-care Testing Support
  • Individual Provider Set Test Panels
  • Reflex Testing
  • Test Result Capture And Interpretation
  • Patient And Physician Signatures
  • Audit Trail
  • Team Communications
  • Laboratory Dashboard
  • Turnaround Time (Tat) Tracking
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Icd-10 Compatibility
  • Barcode Labels
  • Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Scanning And Verification
  • Blood Testing LIS
  • Toxicology LIS
  • Molecular Testing LIS
  • Biofire Filmarray LIS
  • Support For Reference Samples
  • Support For Reference Results

    Ask us Anything

    The list of features above is in no way comprehensive. We are constantly adding new features to enhance the productivity and usability of igniteLIS. If you have any questions about a particular feature and how it works, or are wondering if igniteLIS has a certain capability you need, please let us know and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    the igniteLIS team

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